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Hi Sue, I finally got a response from SavingStar to my question . I had emailed them at least 2 weeks ago. They were offering $1 rebate when you bought 2 Chapstick Hydration Lock products in a single transaction. I order.... Read All
Hi Sue, I got a phone call this morning from someone claiming to be with Sam's Club. It involved the expanded Kraft Singles Recall. According to them,.... Read All
This is a very unique site. If offers ebates, similar to rebates, offered by manufacturers. There are a few interesting concepts here. First this is a compilation for many different retailers. For example today I found Home Depot, HP, Macyís Eddie Bauer and more. Almost daily new retailers are... Read Fully story

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Iím not a fan of online purchases. I prefer the hands-on approach and enjoy retail shopping. Plus, I donít like giving my credit card over the internet. However, recently Virginia Ann Senyk has been sending me lots of deals from One of these was double cash back at My O... Read Fully story

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Walgreens Shopping
Walgreens recently opened 2 stores in the lower Westchester area. I wasnít accustomed to shopping there, but some of their deals were too good to pass up. Iím now a loyal Walgreens shopper and here are some of the reasons why. First, they accept the AARP card which often prints an extra $5 off a... Read Fully story

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